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Engaging with Our Stakeholders

Engaging with Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are critical to our success and our ambition is to remain a reliable and responsible provider of energy. 

Through multiple channels, we continuously seek to engage with and listen to our stakeholders, to understand and respond to their needs. This is fundamental towards building mutually beneficial relationships and maximizing opportunities to create value, for both internal and external stakeholders affected by or involved in our activities.


How We Engage

Our People 

Our people have a crucial role in delivering our continued success. This requires that we invest in attracting, developing, retaining, engaging and empowering an employee talent pool that will contribute to our future growth. 

How we engage 

  • Engagement survey: conducted annually to gather employee’s feedback and drive improvements in the areas that matter most to our people. 
  • Virtual events and e-communications: continuous communication and engagement with employees and leaders on our progress, strategy and business goals. 
  • Excellence awards: employee recognition for their contribution to the ADNOC values and our business objectives. 
  • Virtual HSE Leadership Visits: continuous engagement of leadership and management teams with frontline employees on expected HSE behaviours and fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability for personal safety and the safety of our colleagues. Listening to our employees’ needs and keeping them informed during the pandemic. 
  • Talent Development: We provide our people with a broad range of learning opportunities to expand their competencies and skills, through a combination of on-the-job experience, work assignments, targeted training and coaching and mentoring.

Suppliers and Contractors 

ADNOC is committed to developing and maintaining a qualified, competitive, and sustainable supply chain of partners and service providers. We work closely with our suppliers to mitigate risks in the value chain and ensure responsible procurement practices.

Supplier Code of Conduct

How we engage 

  • Local Content: providing local businesses with commercial opportunities and drive private sector Emiratization through our In-Country Value strategy 
  • Virtual Workshops and forums: dialogue and feedback to extend ADNOC’s commitment to ethical business practices as defined in our Supplier and Partner Code of Ethics and HSE Management of Contractors. 
  • Supplier Support Service: hotline and email support for suppliers to communicate queries, suggestions, and clarifications. 
  • Performance evaluations: reviews and audits to monitor compliance with performance standards, worker welfare expectations and HSE Plans. 

Government and Regulators 

We maintain dialogue with local and federal governments on key policies that are relevant to our business and on our contributions to national priorities.  

How we engage 

  • Reports: disclosures to relevant federal entities on our compliance with key policies and contributions to national commitments and goals including environmental impact, climate change and economic development. 
  • Working Groups: participate in multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder workshops with subject matter experts to explore opportunities for sharing of best practices, collaboration and driving policies. 

Local Communities 

We engage with communities in the areas we operate and the broader community to ensure we have a lasting positive impact on community development.

How we engage 

  • Social Investment: sponsor programs and initiatives to preserve local heritage, develop local economy and empower youth in the places we work. 
  • Campaigns: raise awareness on key health and wellbeing issues. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our efforts were focused on supporting the communities we serve and supporting national policies to combat the spread of the disease. 
  • Employee Volunteering: we adopted new strategies to ensure the active involvement of ADNOC’s employees in local community programs whilst following health and safety precautions to protect our people and community from COVID-19. 

Customers and Partners 

Our customers range from consumers of our products and services to long-standing partnerships and cover the full spectrum of energy majors that contribute to ADNOC’s long-term growth and value creation.  

How we engage 

  • Surveys and Events: assess our customers’ satisfaction and understand their evolving needs to improve our supply chain management. 
  • Technical and Board Meetings: include representation of concession partners on the Board of Directors and advisory committees of respective group companies, where we report on company financial and operational performance.


We are committed to creating long-term value for our investors and providing them with open and transparent insights on the company’s performance and prospects to enable informed investment decisions.  

How we engage 

We engage with our investors and the broader investment community through roadshows, forums and meetings with our senior management and investor relations teams. 

During COVID-19, it was important that we sustained open communications with the markets to provide trust in our business resilience during and post-pandemic. 


We actively seek to develop partnerships and collaborations in areas of innovation, operational excellence, future energy and sustainable development.

We are members of industry bodies such as the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and IPIECA, the oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance. Our group companies are members of industry associations relevant to their operations. 

We host the annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), the world’s largest and most influential energy conference that convenes government and industry leaders, innovators and industry professionals to deliver critical insights on issues impacting the future of energy. 

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we sustained our commitment to identify new opportunities towards meeting our sustainability goals. We entered into key partnerships with local and international partners that will deliver on our shared vision of environmental stewardship.