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2019 Bid Process and Roadshow

2019 Bid Process and Roadshow

A roadshow of technical and commercial information on the new blocks will take place in Abu Dhabi on May 22, 2019.

Interested bidders are encouraged to register for the roadshow using the link below.

Registration of interest is subject to a strict prequalification process undertaken by ADNOC. Thereafter, invitations for the roadshow will be confirmed via email. Submission of registration does not automatically guarantee you will be invited to the selected roadshow event.


Following the roadshow, bidders will be invited to confirm participation through the submission of an Expression of Interest and will be able to access a comprehensive data package on the five blocks. The data package will include full bidding instructions, regional geological information and well, and seismic data, in both raw and interpreted form.

The closing date for the receipt of bids will be at the end of November 2019, after which ADNOC will conduct the evaluation of the bids, using the criteria set out in the bidding instructions, and the SPC will award the successful bidders.