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What We Do

We manage several oil and gas assets

What We Do

We manage several oil and gas assets including Upper Zakum, Lower Zakum, Umm Shaif, Satah Umm Al Dalkh, Sarb, and Umm Lulu. Our operations also extend to oil operation centers at Das Island and Zirku Island where we process, store, and export crude oil.

Our newest supercomplexes at Nasr and Umm Lulu are digital oil fields that are equipped to improve the profitability of our oil and gas production operations. Not only do they ensure data integration and workflow automation, but they also increase operational efficiency and production optimization.

In 2019, we drilled the longest well in the Middle East. Drilled from the Umm Al Anbar artificial island, the well achieved a depth of approximately 42,000 feet and has allowed us to drill deeper using horizontal drilling techniques at reduced costs while minimizing our environmental footprint.

We are committed to creating business and investment opportunities in the UAE, which will drive the employment of UAE nationals. In 2019, we contributed 62% to the In-Country Value (ICV) program.